About the New Magic Windows

Magic Windows is the original company, which licensed Wham-O to produce the windows for us in the 70's. They sold 20 million of them, but then violated our licensing agreement, so we took the product away from them and "mothballed" it until 2 years ago. The demand has been so great that Roy Cloutier and I decided to open a small operation to begin production once again.

The new windows are a better product than the originals, made of safety glass instead of plastic, and with an anodized aluminum frame (the originals had no frame). They are also larger, and are rectangular instead of oval. You can occasionally find one of the originals on the internet.

They have retained their value as a collector's item and sell for as much as $300.00. Most of them are scratched up, or the seal has been ruptured and the crystals do not flow as freely as when the original product was manufactured. In terms of current pricing, in today's dollars, they cost about the same as the originals in the 70's. The response to the new, improved product has been gratifying. It seems to be a timeless toy and art form.

Magic Windows is located in beautiful Bishop, California in the Eastern Sierra. Below is an image of one of the Bishop mountain views.